Georgina performs her latest solo show in the character of a medieval anchoress, one of surprisingly many Catholic women who voluntarily entered lifelong lockdown, walled up at the side of churches, to pray for souls. The script draws on the 'Ancrene Wisse', 'Holy Maidenhood' and 'The Soul's Ward' - medieval guides for anchoresses written by male clerics. The rest is imagination. 


'The Walled-Up Woman' premiered in September 2020 at Aldeburgh Look Out. 

Future performances, on dates to be arranged, will be at Westminster Cathedral, and St Mary's Church, Faversham. 

In the meantime, the show has been adapted for Zoom and its Zoom premiere was in November 2020 via the Bromley House Library, Nottingham. It will also be zoomed for the Richard III Society on 24th April 2021.

“If anything works on Zoom this does.  So compelling.” — Judith Still, Professor Emeritus of French, Nottingham University

"Great ... Very engaging.  It translated well to the format.  I  felt like the Zoom screen was the anchoress's little window." — Judith Hawley, Professor of 17th and 18th Century Literature and Culture, Royal Holloway, University of London

"Great writing.  Really fab." — Dr Anna Robinson, poet and broadcaster,